New Year has finally begun and we’re already into the first month of 2020. A lot has gone by these past two decades. We evolved from camera phones and social media apps to hoverboards and 3d printing, the revolution that has come about is insane. Our taste and preferences have gotten more diverse over the years, by that we mean in terms of everything. Whether it’s the food we eat, the houses we live in, the activities around us, everything has changed. Over time, we’re advancing closer to a hi-tech era, with modern technology. To stay up to date with everything, it’s essential that our lifestyle and the environment we live in also fully reflect with our sense of style.

You don’t need to adopt an expensive way of life or renovate your houses or offices entirely as per the trends but you can always amp up some of the focal pieces around you to create focus and give a whole new look. Consider changing your tables, it’s a great and inexpensive way to bring a noticeable difference in your house. There are several unique designs you can choose from by using plywood furniture. We’ve listed down some of the most famous tables for 2020 so you can gain some inspiration and also keep in mind the next time you’re out furniture shopping or could even consider self-designing it yourself.

Mirror glass table  

What screams more sleek and stylish than glass? Invest in a glass table for your living room or your office to add a stylish touch to your place. What’s even better is to get a black colored thin glass table, this way you don’t have to worry about visible stains and it also looks super modern and elite. However, you must keep in mind the quality of the mirror glass before purchasing the table, especially if you’re designing it yourself. You don’t want the glass to shatter with a little weight.

Transparent table

If you’re living in a studio apartment, we’re aware of the space issues you might have. Everything ends up looking cluttered and disorganized. You want to ensure that the furniture you have is super light and not too chunky. Consider getting yourself some transparent, crystal tables and chairs. Not only are they light but they also add a very laid back, relaxing and airy touch to your dining room.

Space-saving table

Your phone isn’t the only thing that has storage issues. Regardless of how big or small your house is, we all suffer from the struggle of having ‘enough space.’ There’s always that one drawer in your house that is full of miscellaneous stuff you probably would never mind going through. That’s why we recommend you get a space-saving table that contains a lot of drawers underneath. It’s not just an ordinary table but it doubles as a multipurpose table for you to keep books, documents, albums and other things underneath.

Customize your table

Who said you need to follow a specific trend to blend in? Remember a trend that is now considered ‘a thing’ would never have happened if nobody would have tried it. 2020 is all about being yourself and finding your style. Go ahead and customize your table, whether it’s made of wood, glass, stainless steel, etc. Be creative with it and make sure it’s the ultimate, unique showstopper.

Low line table 

Low line tables just happen to be the best sometimes. Not only are they super cute but they’re also really convenient to have. Whether you’re enjoying a good read or need a place for your cup of coffee, these tables work great for almost every aspect. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and have a diverse color range to choose from, depending on the kind of material you need.

Floating table 

An inexpensive table you can consider creating yourself is a floating table. You’re probably aware of the ‘blind bookshelf’ that appears for books to be stacked upon each other without a shelf underneath. Similarly, using that same concept you can create a floating table by carefully having the edges stuck to the wall. Another cool way to achieve this is to make use of acrylic glass as the main support to give that ‘floating’ appearance. There’s even a DIY video on how you can recreate this unique table.

Geometric table

You don’t have to go with the usual tables that you see everywhere. Instead of opting for the usual round or rectangle tables, why not consider investing in some unique table shapes? You could go for an oval table, a round-cornered square table. The options are endless. Pair that with a granite top, rustic wood, ceramic, etc. Or even with different chairs instead of similar ones. Not only does it look out of the ordinary but it also adds a sharp, funky look to your home.

Stay classy with wooden tables 

Time after time wooden tables has proven to be one of the best. Whether it’s laminated or raw wood, there are several pros attached to it. There are several types of wood qualities that can be very diverse from one another so you must choose the exact one you’re looking for. From light wooden tables to heavy wooden material tables such as birch or walnut, there are several choices to choose from. You can even choose from a range of natural wooden colors if you want that vintage, rustic effect or even consider laminating it and painting it to match the color scheme to the rest of the furniture you have.

These were some of the many table designs that you can choose from. By now you’ve probably had a good idea as to what kind of table you should consider investing in that suits best for your home or office. These options are not meant to restrict you and your preferences but to just give you some inspiration so that you don’t have to go with the usual tables you see everywhere else.