Are you looking to paint the interior and exterior of your space? Because painting and repainting is the easiest way to transform your space. Whether it is an office, business or home, painting can bring new life to it. However, most people consider it a normal easy job and do not give enough attention to the details.

Either people decide to do it themselves or hire someone without even checking their license, skill level or basic qualification level that is required to handle this task. Painting can be a big expense therefore to save a little amount of money people tend to go for cheaper options and in doing so, mistakenly choose a painter who is affordable but not efficient to manage it. In this way, the completed job is not according to the set standards and needs re-doing far too soon.

Additionally, it is important to make a checklist while hiring a person or company for such a job, so do not end up with any regrets in the end. Primarily, it is important to take a site tour and do the prior scheming. It is also advisable to hire professional painting services in Strathfield. Do a little bit of research, especially related to material, interior, weather and most importantly contractors. Discussing with the parties that have already done painting can be very useful. Take suggestions and recommendations as first-hand experiences are no way near to bookish and internet knowledge. However, if you are not in the mood of the DIY painting project,then it is essential to hire someone who is professional and has great command over such tasks.


  • Check the Insurance:

Do not hire a contractor or any professional service without checking their license. It might be a little weird, but it is important for future reference. As they are working on your private property and are in contact with your daily life, so to avoid any big chaos, it is essential to take this security measure. Because this job is very risky and prone to accidents, especially when it comes to painting the exterior of the building. According to Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) work, related death rates are three to five times higher than that of the general industry. Likewise, do check that the contractor is having workmen’s compensation so you can be protected from any accident liability.

  • Does the painter have any references?

Talk with the contractor and painter and discuss their past clients and projects. Make sure to get the painters into having the full conversation so you can get an idea about their work ethics and dealings. A company or painter that is proud of their work will be more than happy to provide references; however, one who hesitates might have not such great experiences. Therefore, they are not worth to waste time with and should be removed from the list.

  • Is he linked with any contractor or company?

If you are planning to hire an individual, then it is better to take the following measures. First, ask him about his past experiences and references. Make a quick call and ask the clients who recently have work done about their experiences, if possible, ask them to provide with the pictures and videos. Ask them if they are satisfied? How was their overall experience? And etc. Secondly, make sure the painter or contractor has an affiliation with any registered company; otherwise, he could become an unnecessary burden.

  • What techniques will they follow?

The paint job is very intricate and requires detailed and technical know-how to deal with. An efficient and experienced person know what the basic requirements are and how to handle if the wall has some water leakages. If there are any big cracks if there are any bubbling, alligatoring, efflorescence, chalking, mildew, rust discoloration, peeling paint because of poor bond used, peeling paint due to outre moisture, peeling paint because of interior moisture and so many other problems that can only be fixed by some experienced and qualified painter. Because it depends on the way to apply the paints as on applying in direct sunlight might cause bubbling on the surface.

Also, it is important to make them write down the techniques they will be using during work. So you are well informed with the material they are going to use and can calculate the time limit.

  1. What is their experience level?

Experience level not only determines one’s capability but also helps in tackling the new situations. An experienced person can deal with the issue more efficiently as compared to the one who has just entered the field. He has the knowledge and past experiences to comprehend the new problem and can save from big chaos to happen.

  • Are they well trained?

How they do business? How are they reaching out to you? What techniques are they using? How are they proceeding with your hiring process? Do they have any good references to give? Are they well versed in their work? These are all the little details that one employer should never look over. Also, make sure your painter does the solid preparation and have all the needed items before getting started.

  • What security and safety measures they take?

You will have several people coming in and going out of your place the whole day. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautionary measures. Not just for yourself but the labor as well. If there is, some danger is involved then make sure the working person can handle it; otherwise, some incompetent person could endanger his life just to earn some money. He should be having the necessary training and health insurance, so neither one of you gets into any kind of inconvenience.



Hiring a painter is not very complicated, however, you should keep in mind the above things. It will help you to hire a professional one. This is your to-do list whenever you decide to hire any painter. Make sure you stick with it and get the job done in one go!