Reach millions of builders, developers and homeowners. Shipments and customer service managed by BuildersHaus. Get online analytics that will improve forecast of both product sales and placement. List your products for FREE, and pay only the smallest commissions on any online market platform with only converted orders.
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As a BuildersHaus Vendor, you’ll receive help with SEO of which no other seller can supply to their online partners like BuildersHaus can. We aim for the highest level of analytics and data to help you earn more and reach more buyers. Our SEO tools help you identify customers for your building products. SEO tools are optional but recommended for your page. We will build backlinks and use the best in On-page Analytics for your sales team. Focus on your products and not marketing, for the highest sales impact.

Sell My Building Products Online

By creating a free BuildersHaus vendors account, your product listings are unrestricted and you can grow your business using a suite of powerful tools. We take care of shipment and customer service.

Accessible Tools

BuildersHaus’ vast data resolutions point you to where your customers are, and assist you in making sound business decisions on product placement.
Striking the balance for margin advantage is simple using mathematical analysis to determine the right price for your products. It’s also a time-saver. By examining all price choices of BuildersHaus competitive goods as well as additional markets, the pricing tool forecasts the earnings and profit outcome of each and chooses the one that gives your business the most operating return.
Offering shoppers a reduction on shipping costs is a great way to get them to make purchases. You can even fund the entire shipping cost to give shipping at no cost to the customer.

Why Sell on BuildersHaus?

As a BuildersHausvendor, you’ll have an incomparable amount of data to assist you in learning and adapting right away. BuildersHaus methodswill help you pinpoint inquiries made for your products, as well as boost your productsales, plus concentrate on high growth goods for the greatest impact.

Use of Established Sales Channel

For more than 15 years, builders, developers, and homeowners keep BuildersHaus as a dependable resource for their home improvement products. By listing your products on BuildersHaus, you will expand your reach to millions of shoppers.

Use of Large Volume of Data to Drive Growth

Drive growth with big data analytics to uncover hidden patterns and market trends to understand exactly where there is demand for your supplies. By having this information it allows you to measure and track what consumers are buying as well as searching for. This wealth of information will allow you to manage better, make better predictions, and make better business decisions.

Use of Strong Supply Chain

Every order is fulfilled through our strong shipping system from start to finish. BuildersHaus’ well-organized shipping channels result in fewer delivered damaged products, less claims and more satisfied customers.

Where Do I Start?

As a BuildersHausvendor, you’ll have an incomparable amount of data to assist you in learning and adapting right away.

Product Creation

There are no fees to pay to list your products on BuildersHaus! You’ll create your products through our self-service vendor portal. How you price your products, what content you provide, and the technical aspects are at your discretion.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Once you’ve launched your products, they will be available for purchase on We take care of all customer service communications. The moment an order is placed, BuildersHaus arranges pick-up, transport, and distribution.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimizing your sales funnel will help you achieve success in e-commerce. We provide you with the necessary tools that make available all the information you will need to understand shopper interest in your merchandise.

Questions & Answers

Do I have to pay to list products on BuildersHaus?
It’s free to list your products on BuildersHaus. Once an order is placed, BuildersHaus will charge a commission based on the category of the product.
Who will deliver my products?
Shipment and customer service are all taken care of by BuildersHaus. Once an order is placed, simply prepare your order for pick-up. Our team will coordinate the pick-up, delivery, and scheduling.
How do I get started selling?
  1. Create your new vendor account by clicking the button below
  2. List your products in the vendor portal by product category
  3. Once launched, use effective vendor tools to increase sales