The proper functioning of a house is as important as paying monthly fees and keeping our car in good condition. If something fails, the first problem that arises is the unexpected expense, but in the long run, if left unattended, others arise such as constant high consumption, damage to the building structure, leaks, fires or landslides. Do not wait for these disasters to happen!

In the first moment that we detect a sign of malfunction, we must call the professional specialists: a luminaire that fails a lot can be a sign that the wiring already needs to be changed, increase in the expenditure of natural gas or strong odors from time to time.We are talking about a gas leak, and it can be very dangerous. But what about the plumbing, how to realize that something is failing, and we need a plumber in North Shore Beaches?

There are a number of failures that sometimes go unnoticed because, being so small, we do not take them into account. Other times we think we are experts and think that by connecting a hose here and a tube there we can install the new washing machine, or the tap will be fixed. This is not always the case. This time we give you some examples of common plumbing problems that we usually face at home and that indicate that it is necessary to request the services of a professional. Remember that prevention is better – takea look!

1. Dripping faucets

A simple drip, a constant sound thatwe get used to it, and it goes unnoticed. Well, this simple drip in a tap can increase us double or triple the amount we pay to the water service. Besides we are wasting a precious and vital natural resource.

Many times, the dripping of a tap can be the result of an old and worn packing, something simple but that, if we are not experts, wanting to fix it on our own can bring more problems. It is important to call a plumber to evaluate and decide if it is necessary to change only the gasket, change the complete faucet, the mixing valve or any other modification. You have to act fast.

2. Slow drains

You might notice that the water in the sink, in the kitchen sink, in thetub or shower, in the washing machine or in the patio does not drain as it normally does and remains waterlogged. It is a sign that something is clogging the pipe.

There are cleaning substances that are used to clean the drain, but if the problem is not fixed in the first attempt, do not try to open or fix with any tool, as you could hurt the pipe and create real chaos. Call theplumber and evaluate the situation before solving it.

3. Clogged drain

When the previous problem has grown, and it is not only the shower a place where the water accumulates, but that all the house drains are stopped, it means that the drain is clogged. Possibly it is the outer pipe, i.e. in the union of the drains of all the furniture of the house that arrive at the main tube, which is the one that goes out to the sidewalk to join the municipal drainage.

In that case, it is very important to call a specialist to open the land register and locate the place of the plug. It is possible that this is somewhere in the internal pipeline, and with its tools, you will know how to remove it. However, if the problem is off the ground, you should call the authorities. And these details are only handled by those who are dedicated to it.

4. Installation of new furniture

If you have bought a new washing machineor a new laundry room; if you have a tub or shower taps need to be modernized, do not forget to call the professionals!

Remember that the guarantee of household appliances of any purchase of equipment, accessories and home furniture, is based on the installation by a professional, if not, in case of any problem they will not be valid. Therefore it is essential that you call a specialist in the field so that you can make sure that a professional installation was made.

5. Types of the pipe by temperature

Water pipes, in the case of drinking water, are not the same for hot water as for cold water. For the entrance to the heaters and the regular distribution of the house, the PVC pipes are ideal. However, for the water that comes out of the heater, you must use copper or special materials so that the joints, elbows, couplings, etc., do not shine to increase the temperature inside.

Specialists will know what type of pipe to integrate into your home. Call them in case you need to make a change, install a heater, a new toilet, a shower or hot water from the washing machine.

6. Moisture in the soil

You might suddenly notice a hole under the tile on the floor or in the baseboard, or swelling in the stave, even if you see that the paint on the walls is raised. It means that there is moisture seeping through the floor, and it is an urgent problem!

This can happen because your house is built on an area with high humidity and very high-water tables, which had to have been provided by the builders. Otherwise, most commonlyit’s because some pipe broke below the house. This is no one’s fault – thenatural movements of the earth, small earthquakes and the natural settlement of the construction can generate them. It is important that a plumber check and detect the problem to solve it immediately, or else the building and its structure could be damaged and collapse. Here are the top signs that you need to hire a plumber.


In these cases, it is sometimes necessary to open the floor to fix the broken pipes and change the landfill. It sounds exaggerated, but such an arrangement is preferable to waiting for your house to be damaged. These tips will help you identify serious risks so you can call a professional plumber on time.