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We use them for most of our home needs. Very reliable and always get great results

Chad McPherson

Calgary, Alberta

“Picked a plumbing contractor, based on HomeStars high ratings, to replace an aging hot water tank…choice did not disapponit, Duke’s Plumbing in Calgary provided me with excellent service is all ways!”

Chad McPherson

Calgary, Alberta

HomeStars was recommended by a friend and we definitely found a really helpful contractor through this website. Will absolutely be using HomeStars when we next need work done at home

Chad McPherson

Calgary, Alberta

I used HomeStars to find a plumber to hook up a sink and install new taps. It was so helpful to find potential workers in my area, to see what kind of pricing is out there and people’s experience. I found exactly what I wanted and he did a great job…

Colleen McDougall

Toronto, Ontario

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