Everyone has a dream of a beautiful and luxurious house. Magnificent interior designing skills help in decorating the house. This dream can turn into a reality with great planning, execution, and lifetime maintenance.

Windows are one of the most important parts of a house. Windows enhance the overall appearance of a house and is useful in many ways.

Windows could be of different materials and designs. Windows might be covered or closed with different materials to provide security and privacy to the house. They give a beautiful luxurious look as well.Plantation Shutters in Sydney is one of the places which furnishes the windows with their high quality covering products and designs.


Significance of windows in a house


  • Enhancing the appearance of a house

Builders and interior designers put all their efforts to make building mesmerizing and attractive. The windows enhance the appearance of buildings and houses. Different designs and shapes are given to windows to give a unique and attractive look.

In hotels and restaurants, the outer appearance of a building has to be unique, different, attracting and beautiful.

  • Convenience

Windows are in walls of different rooms of a house to facilitate the people living there in different ways. Like windows in the kitchen helps in keeping the kitchen cool during cooking. Due to heat or by any reason inside the house, the windows help in clearing the house.

  • Oxygen

Oxygen is a basic need for life, present everywhere in the atmosphere. When there are no windows, less oxygen will be present, and more carbon dioxide causes suffocation. Windows increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and increase ventilation.

  • Sunlight

Natural light is very important to give positive vibes to a person. The sunlight provides vitamin D, which helps in calcium absorption in the bone.

In a piece of research, 40% of Americans were vitamin D deficient. You can get vitamin D from the sun in midday as30 min sunlight exposure can provide up to 20,000 IU vitamin D.

  • Safety purpose

In an emergency like the building catches fire, finding a door and running from that becomes quite impossible. So, windows are a convenient way to jump from them.Windows plays a quite significant role in terms of providing safety.

There are different designs of windows available. Each is having its pros and cons, and they have their significance and appearances. If you are thinking to have new windows in your house, you are in the right place. Since here we are going to discuss “The most popular window trends for 2020”.

Following are some of the most popular window trends for 2020

  • Aluminum window

Aluminum windows are one of the best choices for a house. They can mold into different attractive shapes and designs easily. Aluminum windows are now a day’s first choice of interior designers since it is easy to make.

The life of these windows is also long. They don’t get any damage easily hence, makes them tear and wear-resistant. It is a perfect choice for buildings and offices. When you are confused about the other window designs, this one is always a hit.

  • Awning windows

Awning windows are one of the most attractive and elegant window design. A hinged is present at the top of the window. The window opens from the middle and bottom. The window opens outward letting the fresh air inside the room. This design of the window is great to increase the ventilation of the room.

Awning windows are available in two types. The first type in which the windows opens. In the second type, the window is stationary and does not move or open.

  • Sliding windows

Sliding windows is an evergreen design in windows since these trends never go out. They are available in different shapes like rectangular and square. They are available in different sizes and colors.

Sliding windows can open in different directions like

  • From Downward to upward
  • From Upward to downward
  • From Left to right
  • From right to left

They have a long life, but after a time the slides do require maintenance. The majority of the portion is made with glass, leading towards greater damage chances.

  • Single-hung windows

They consist of a single sash of slides that can open the windows in both an upward and downward direction. They are small-sized windows usually used for bathrooms and kitchen. The frame of these windows can be of different colors.

These windows have applications in old British styled architecture where a building has small yet elegant designed windows.

  • Double-hung windows

They are also called as double sashes windows as they have two sashes of slides, present vertically upward and downward. It can open in both directions. It opens wide, providing large space for entry of air. It is a good window choice for kitchens as the airflow can decrease heat.

  • Bay windows

In English renaissance, in castles bay windows are used. They are bigger, elegant and gives a royal touch in their appearance. They are partially movable and partially stationary. This type of window has applications in large hotels and mansion type houses.

The large size of these types of windows allows the sunlight to pass through them freely.

  • Picture windows

These are large wall-sized stationary windows. These windows are see-through, allowing us to see the outer view and vice versa. These types of windows provide a large area to pass the sunlight.

These types of windows have the application in farmhouses, villas, offices, and houses. The walls nearest to the swimming pool contain these type windows providing a mesmerizing view.

  • Fixed shape windows

These are the stationary type of windows and can be placed interiorly or exteriorly to the wall. They are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. They provide sunlight.


All the windows have their specifications and properties. The selection of windows depends on which type of building they are being placed in. In the kitchen, a stationary window is useless since it cannot reduce heat.

The cost of the window is also an important factor. The material of a window also plays a major role. By considering all these parameters, the selection of a window can be made easily.